Zephyr was taken at the age of eleven by The True Fae The Actress. She was subjected to dizzying physical changes, the least of white not being the removal of all pigment from her skin, to prepare Zephyr for her decade long duty as an ambient wind that would follow The Actress around. Zephyr typically was one of several visual effects experts in The Theater where The Actress played out her many roles but ultimately Zephyr was the most unnoticed as she would often be given the duty of ensuring there was a gentle breeze flowing through The Actresses hair at any given moment whilst others created tornadoes or slammed doors closed. This minor role is what allowed Zephyr to finally make her escape.

Zephyr, now called Zoe as she has forgotten her real name, is a part time event and party promoter within the Savannah Nightlife. She uses her wiles and forces herself to be charming to gain the trust and friendship of the local student populace but she ultimately strives to become a investigative journalist for a local paper.