The Legend Edit

In the time of myth, Yggdrasil held all the worlds in balance. The world of men was distanced from those of the gods',

and only in dire times did anyone dare traveling the Eternal Ash. It was Loki who found displeasure with this, and with the help of His children, He upheaved the mighty tree. While the worlds were all atumble, He threw it where it would no longer offend His sensibilities.

Yggdrasil landed upside-down, the worlds scattered to where they lie to this day. The place where it fell became the lands between those of the gods and men, touching both but forever separating the two.

The Tree Edit

Yggdrasil is a massive inverted oak that rests in the Hedge near Savannah. The foliage makes for a difficult climb for those that do not know the secrets paths through its boughs, with great nets of Spanish Moss that will trap the unwary and large beasts that use the leaves as cover to hunt.

Those that travel to its trunk find an endless staircase that takes only moments to traverse. The roots of the tree pierce the sky, binding the empty expanse to the earth. Among the roots is an elaborate mansion formed of the living wood. It is here that the Freehold of Savannah meets.

The Throne Room Edit

The throne of Yggdrasil is an impressive sight, a lattice-work chair made of braided roots, standing easily eight feet high. Red velvet carpets line the wooden floor, and hedge-spun tapestries hang from the walls, depicting ancient battles. The summer sun floods in through open windows, lending the entire room a bright, hot feel. Behind the throne is inlaid a forbidding door of cold iron, its surface carved with a motif of trees and serpents.

The Barracks Edit

One of the large, empty rooms has been converted to sleeping quarters, although to call it a "barracks" does injustice to its lavish design. Off of a main hallway reaches an untold number of rooms, each subtly different from one another. Here, this one has no windows and is only lit by a phosphorescent glowing fungus. Another is open to the elements, with only the most spartan of furnishings. Only a handful of rooms are claimed, and of those, only a few seem to be lived-in.

The Great Hall Edit

A long table fills this room, set atop one of the largest roots of the tree. Benches and miscellaneous chairs march alongside the dining table, with an impressive-looking throne at its head. In the kitchens, all manners of wild things grow - a cornucopia of goblin fruit, just waiting for a chef to prepare.