Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Tyr

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Troll

Court: Summer

Entitlement: Lost Pantheon

Notable Features: Summer Mantle 4, Summer Monarch, Wyrd 6

Appearance Edit

Mask: Tyr is not a beautiful person, not by far. Old scars cover his face from some battle fought long ago, the lines coming dangerously close to his left eye. He is fair-skinned and fair-haired, looking to be from Scandinavian heritage. He stands tall for once being a woman, and his musculature shows a great amount of effort and work. He wears the furs and skins of creatures he has slain himself. A massive broadsword is strapped to his back, a blade which he wields one-handedly, for his left arm ends in a stump at the wrist.

Mein: Tyr's countenance becomes even more frightening to those that can see past his false face. His pale skin becomes a sickly white, marred by even paler scars. Tusks jut upward from his protruding lower jaw, extending to the height of his flared nostrils. His clothing becomes recognizable as hedgespun armor, a motley collection of furs sewn together with thick leather binding.

Mantle: It is difficult to stare at Tyr for too long, so bright as he is. A crown of flames circle his brow, threatening to burn his stringy hair but never consuming it.