Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Thomas "Tommy" Greene

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Woodwalker

Court: Summer

Entitlement: Hedge Warden

Notable Features: Summer Mantle 1

Appearance Edit

Mask: Tommy appears to be a man in his late fifties, with the deep, weathered wrinkles of one who has worked most of their life in the sun. His craggy skin is tanned, and his dark-brown hair only shows speckles of gray. His green eyes always seem to squint slightly, despite the shade of his ubiquitous cowboy hat. He favors hardy clothes that serve utilitarian purposes - plaid and jeans are some of his favorites. He is never seen without his leather jacket and trusty six-shooter.

Mein: Tommy is a man seemingly made from the gnarled wood. His face is roughly-hewn into the bark that makes it up, and the few leaves that sprout for his hair seem sparse in comparison to his mask. He wears hedgespun armor crafted of different hides of hedgebeasts, all tanned and stripped of their fur save a ruffle around his collar. His revolver appears to be made completely from iron to those with fae eyes.

Mantle: Whenever you're around Tommy, the sun always seems to be in your eyes, no matter how you shade them.