Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Tai Zhi (太智)

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Venombite (Wolf Spider)

Court: Winter

Entitlement: Duchy of the Icebound Heart

Notable Features: Lethal Mein, Rigid Mask, Spring Goodwill 1, Striking Looks 2, Winter Mantle 3

Appearance Edit

Mask: Tai is a handsome man of Chinese heritage, standing fairly short compared to most other Americans. He wears his hair in a long tail, pulled back save for a few strands that escape. His skin is pale and only made more so by his dark eyes and black lips. Snakebite-style piercings mark his bottom lip. He favors dark clothes in goth fashion but cleans up nicely with a dark dress shirt and slacks.

Mein: Tai's eyes become completely black, flanked by three pairs of smaller eyes. Noticeable fangs poke past his dark lips, accentuated by the striking coloration of white and black across his face. Two additional pairs of legs hang between his arms and legs, moving as he does with surprising speed. Three frozen tears cling to his face, dripping from his many eyes.

Mantle: Your skin tightens, as though just before a shiver.