About Edit

Rhys mask

Name: Rhys Taylor

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Hunterheart (Black Cat)

Court: Winter

Concept: Aloof Stray

Appearance Edit

Rhys Mein

Mask: Rhys appears as a young white man in his late 20s, on the short and slender side. His hair is cut short and is dark brown to black in color, with a matching goatee and scruff on his face. There is a scar on his lips, over on the right side of his mouth. His eyes are light blue. Despite his appearance, he looks fairly unremarkable--he blends into a crowd very easily.

Mien: Rhys's entire body is covered in black fur. His head is shaped like a cat's, with many of the same features: cat ears, cat nose, whiskers. The only thing that is not feline is his eyes; they still appear human and are still blue. His hands and feet, despite being covered in fur, are still human with opposable thumbs and thick pads. He is missing his tail.

Mantle: When you are around him, a cold shadow rubs against the back of your legs.