Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Nidhogg

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic

Court: Dusk

Entitlement: Office of Vizieral Counsel

Notable Features: Autumn Goodwill 3, Dusk Mantle 5, Gentrified Bearing, Spring Goodwill 1, Striking Looks 4, Summer Goodwill 2, Winter Goodwill 2, Wyrd 8

Appearance Edit

Mask: Nidhogg's mask is almost impossible to make out beneath its mein. Whatever it once was, it no longer is that any more.

Mein: Nidhogg appears as a brilliantly-colored scarlet serpent. It has no legs, instead sporting a snake-like tail upon which it moves. Its scales are speckled with beautiful emeralds, golds, sapphires, and other jewel tones. Its eyes are far too old for any creature, and it looks at all the world with a bit of pity.

Mantle: All other mantles become hushed around Nidhogg; all that is left is the peaceful gloam of twilight.