Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Luciana Miranda Valdez

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Nightsinger

Court: Spring

Entitlement: Bishopric of Blackbirds

Notable Features: Siren Song, Spring Mantle 3, Striking Looks 2

Appearance Edit

Mask: Luciana appears as a Hispanic woman in her late twenties. She is attractive in a matronly way, with her generous curves and ample bosom. She frequently pins her long, dark hair up, but when it tumbles loose, it is in soft curls. She wears clothing that accentuates her assets, with plunging necklines and low-cut tops. She prefers floral patterns and bright colors. She is never seen with her raven pendant.

Mein: To fae eyes, Luciana is revealed as a melancholic beauty. Her skins pales, which only intensifies the shadowy veils that make up her hair. Her eyes become pools of shadow that reflect no light. While in fae company, she wears a gown crafted of dark feathers that drop from her sleeves and hems as she moves.

Mantle: Luciana is followed by the soft scents of night-blooming flowers.