Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Jack Flash

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Fireheart

Court: Autumn

Entitlement: None

Notable Features: Autumn Mantle 2

Appearance Edit

Mask: Jack is a broad-shouldered man in his mid-twenties. His pale skin is ruddy, an odd combination when paired with his strawberry-blond hair. He keeps the wavy tangle tied back in a loose ponytail, but a few strands inevitably escape. His features are stern and chiseled; he could be austerely handsome if he would stop scowling. He most commonly wears a dark dress shirts and slacks with a tie.

Mein: Molten fire makes up his body, held back by a thin layer of glass. His eyes are two dark embers framed by the smoke and ash that make up his hair.

Mantle: When he moves, he is followed by a dry, brisk breeze smelling of wood smoke.